Tome Topple TBR

The time has come to lip sinc for your life . . . I mean read all the damn big books! I have been living in the world of Ru Paul the last couple weeks so I have definitely been neglecting books for Netflix. The best way to remedy this? A readathon of course!

Tome Topple has came at the perfect time. I have been avoiding books over 350 pages lately so a challenge to read over 500 page novels is just what I need! I’m going easy on the challenges this year as I need to get back into my reading groove!

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Fantasy Series I Need to Finish!!

We’ve all been there we start a series, fall in love with the characters then after book 1 we get distracted by shiny new books. Oops. I am not a monogamous reader, I never read two books of the series in a row or even in the same year.

I put myself on a book buying ban in 2019 and I’ve actually stuck to it! Through this I’ve realised how many series I own and need to get to. I’ve picked 5 that I just need to get back into and continue:

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