indie spotlight

Indie Spotlight #2

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since my first Indie Spotlight post but I’m back with another! But first what is an Indie Spotlight?

This is a platform for me to talk about lesser known authors work and I hope others will do the same! It is one of my 2019 goals to read more indie work as I don’t want to miss something amazing.

I love the feeling of finding a good Indie read but then I feel the heartbreak when no one else has heard of it! It’s like being on an island with no one to talk to, no one understands what you’ve just been through. The feelings, the heartbreak.

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Indie Spotlight #1

If you have seen my 2019 goals you will have seen that a main goal of mine is to read more books from independent publisher or lesser known authors. To accompany this I will be spotlighting some indie reads throughout the year that I have loved or I am looking forward to read in the future.

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