How Books Saved the Introvert

Today, 2nd January is World Introvert Day. It could not come at a more perfect time for introverts like me. Most people have spent the last week meeting up with friends and family, rarely having time for ourselves. Although it is good to spend time with others, the Christmas period can be hella draining.

I for one am feeling the effect of all this socialisation, I’m knackered and I need to recharge my social battery, as that sucker is empty! How do I recharge my battery you ask? Well, this is a book blog so…….

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The Journey Begins


I’m Lisa and I will be your tour guide through the many fictional worlds we will be exploring, from enchanted forests to caves of wonder, we will see it all! Make sure you have your life jackets, emergency snacks and a spell book or two.

It could be a bumpy ride!

Guide Experience

The first land I traveled to is The Hundred Acre Wood, the lands I have since visited are slightly more dangerous. I have been chronicling my experiences for 2 years at Books Amino and wanted to expand my horizons.

My Journey Essentials

  • Parchment and quill to chronicle the journey
  • A glass of milk as cold as a siren’s heart
  • A hot water bottle to warm the bones
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos. . . because a girl’s got to eat

What are your journey essentials adventurer?

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