Lilistar Talks: Hiatus and Changes

Lilistar Talks Hiatus and Changes

Hey bookish people, I’ve had a hectic month both with anxiety and having chicken pox. Yes I am a 26 year old adult who got a kid’s virus!

With this in mind and my upcoming holidays I will be taking a hiatus. I will be taking sometime for self-care and finishing my IT course. This will also give me time to think of all new content and bring in ideas I want to try!


Lilistar talks Hiatus and Changes

I’ve noticed that in the last three months my book type has completely changed. I’ve swung from fantasy for life to Victorian fiction with an obsession with leading women who are detective sleuths and more into adult books.

I still want to focus on the indie side of books as it is so important to promote the lesser known. I already have a good list of awesome authors and adventures that I want to share with you!

I want to branch out and talk about different hobbies in this page. In November reading was my main hobby but since then I have discovered video games and cross stitching.

I would love to chronicle my crafts by developing a craft corner post once a month talking about what I have made and planning to make. I also want to show my love for video games, I play point and clicks that are very story driven so they are perfect for book lovers!

I hope to add a self-care Sunday segment as well as I’ve learned how important self-care is to life. So many changes are coming but hopefully enjoyable ones!

With all that said I hope to see you all soon at the start of June!

Fantasy Series I Need to Finish!!

We’ve all been there we start a series, fall in love with the characters then after book 1 we get distracted by shiny new books. Oops. I am not a monogamous reader, I never read two books of the series in a row or even in the same year.

I put myself on a book buying ban in 2019 and I’ve actually stuck to it! Through this I’ve realised how many series I own and need to get to. I’ve picked 5 that I just need to get back into and continue:

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indie spotlight

Indie Spotlight #2

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since my first Indie Spotlight post but I’m back with another! But first what is an Indie Spotlight?

This is a platform for me to talk about lesser known authors work and I hope others will do the same! It is one of my 2019 goals to read more indie work as I don’t want to miss something amazing.

I love the feeling of finding a good Indie read but then I feel the heartbreak when no one else has heard of it! It’s like being on an island with no one to talk to, no one understands what you’ve just been through. The feelings, the heartbreak.

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Required Reading – The Bloggers in the Attic

The Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain created by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic. She has set up a group of bloggers who post about a topic every other month. This way throughout the whole month there will be different unique views in each topic!

If you want to take part let Cam know by commenting under her origin post that you are interested!

I am the last stop in this tour! It’s been a great experience seeing everyone’s lives with required reading. I have been out of high school education for quite some time so I’ll share a memory I had of high school reading and an idea for required reading for adults!


I have quite a negative memory with required reading, not because of the books but lack of. Our English class would have a reading challenge were you had to read books and write about them in different formats. My English teacher would only let me do Bronze (ten books in the year) as I wasn’t the best at essays.

Even when I talked about how many books I read each week. I wasn’t allowed to take any of the classics from the room as they were for people who wrote better.

I rebelled in the most book nerd fashion. I took Macbeth and read it in a night, I took Oliver Twist the next week and devoured it. Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, I snuck them all out and back in. Yes, yes I am a badass!

This experience could leave a person thinking they aren’t smart enough to read classics. That they will not understand the concepts in them.

I hope English teachers these days foster a love for reading no matter if you can write in fantastic prose. Not every book lover wants to write, sometimes we just want to be immersed in another world.

The Dream

My dream is that in schools or adulthood that there is a system almost like required reading. Were no one is judged to be not well-written enough to enjoy a classic or a genre not judged in a low light because it’s not deemed literary fiction.

I propose a reading program in which each month there is a keyword. The reader then gets to choose a book based on the keyword, examples being:

  • LGBT+
  • Immigration
  • WW2
  • Other Worlds
  • Culture unknown to you

So the books can be used as a portal to learn about other cultures and diversity. Fostering open-mindedness and showing us other peoples experiences both positive and difficult. Then we talk about it and learn from each other.

A fantasy can talk about a difficult topic that removes us enough that we realise that what is happening in the world. Historical fiction can teach us about difficult topics in the past and how they shouldn’t be repeated. Every genre can teach you something.

That is pretty much my dream plan for required reading!

If you have any experiences with required reading let me know! The blog schedule is below, you should totally check out all the other amazing bloggers!

Blog Schedule

2nd – Camilla @Reader in the Attic
4th – Kal @Reader Voracious
6th – Lara @Naija Book Bae
8th – Isabelle @Bookwyrm Bites
10th – Sam @Fictionally Sam
12th – Dany @Ambivert Words
14th – Ben @Ben’s Reads
16th – Kerys @The Everlasting Library
18th – Clo @Book Dragons 24/7
20th – Lauren @Northern Plunder
22nd – Nora @Papertea and Bookflower
24th – Lili @Lili Star Reads

hyped books I own and never read

Hyped books I own and never read

We have all been there, we have been watching booktube flat out or reading a lot of blogs and they are all talking about one book. That one book now seems amazing and you must own it! Your must know what is inside to make it so beloved!

So you buy it. It comes in the post/ out book shop/ downloaded. It is shiny, new and full of promise. Do you read it straight away? You bet your sweet nelly you don’t. Wait don’t?

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Book Slump Feels

Book Slump Feels

Hey guys! I am currently in one of the biggest book slumps I have ever been in. I can’t finish or focus on a book no matter how interesting it is!

Ever reader knows this heartbreak. It feels like a breakup but much worse because you see books everywhere. In the shops. On your phone. In your room staring at you longingly. But you just can’t read it.

You tell your books, ‘it’s not you it’s me’ but what next? How do you fill the void in your heart?

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WinterBibib Blog Challenge 1 – The Snowstorm

I am so ready for WinterBibib this week from 12-18th of January. It’s the middle of the first month of the year, just finished my first week back in work. It’s the perfect time to binge read everything!

That being said I’m horrible at TBRs so I’ll just have a wrap up at the end of the WinterBibib. I am however going to be taking part in the blog Challenges daily hopefully!

Day 1’s WinterBibib challenge is provided by Truffles Literacy Wonders (who I have the biggest blogger banner envy of), let’s get into it!:

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How Books Saved the Introvert

Today, 2nd January is World Introvert Day. It could not come at a more perfect time for introverts like me. Most people have spent the last week meeting up with friends and family, rarely having time for ourselves. Although it is good to spend time with others, the Christmas period can be hella draining.

I for one am feeling the effect of all this socialisation, I’m knackered and I need to recharge my social battery, as that sucker is empty! How do I recharge my battery you ask? Well, this is a book blog so…….

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