Lilistar Talks: Hiatus and Changes

Lilistar Talks Hiatus and Changes

Hey bookish people, I’ve had a hectic month both with anxiety and having chicken pox. Yes I am a 26 year old adult who got a kid’s virus!

With this in mind and my upcoming holidays I will be taking a hiatus. I will be taking sometime for self-care and finishing my IT course. This will also give me time to think of all new content and bring in ideas I want to try!


Lilistar talks Hiatus and Changes

I’ve noticed that in the last three months my book type has completely changed. I’ve swung from fantasy for life to Victorian fiction with an obsession with leading women who are detective sleuths and more into adult books.

I still want to focus on the indie side of books as it is so important to promote the lesser known. I already have a good list of awesome authors and adventures that I want to share with you!

I want to branch out and talk about different hobbies in this page. In November reading was my main hobby but since then I have discovered video games and cross stitching.

I would love to chronicle my crafts by developing a craft corner post once a month talking about what I have made and planning to make. I also want to show my love for video games, I play point and clicks that are very story driven so they are perfect for book lovers!

I hope to add a self-care Sunday segment as well as I’ve learned how important self-care is to life. So many changes are coming but hopefully enjoyable ones!

With all that said I hope to see you all soon at the start of June!

2 thoughts on “Lilistar Talks: Hiatus and Changes

  1. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    it’s been a while so I hope you’re feeling lots better now, both physically and mentally 💕 taking care of yourself definitely comes first, so of course, take as long as you need.

    I would definitely love to read about crafting and self-care in particular, and I love that you’re continuing to focus on indie books. whenever you feel ready to come back, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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