lilistar recommends Stephen King

Lilistar Recommends: Stephen King

With Pet Sematary coming out this month, I am getting complete nostalgia for Stephen King novels! King was the author who inspired my love for reading novels. If it wasn’t for him I may never have fell for adult books.

I’m going to use today’s blog to talk about 5 Stephen King novels and short stories that made me obsessed with reading!

The Green Mile

Top 5 Stephen King

O man this book! John Coffey (like the drink only spelt different) broke my heart more than any romance could. The Green Mile is set in a prison were John resides on death row for murdering two girls. The journey you go on with Paul the guard into what happened that year and there are elements of almost magical realism. This book will make you cry big time but o it is worth it!


Recommends Stephen King

We as book lovers would do anything to be able to listen to or talk to the authors we love. We might not stretch as far as Annie who captures Paul so he will write an ending to the series he never finished. It’s dark and twisted, perfect for a night in by yourself.

Apt Pupil

Recommends Stephen King

Apt Pupil is a short story in Different Seasons a combination of short storied that included Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption and The Body (Stand By Me). Apt Pupil is a dark story about a boy who calls on an old man with a dark past and starts his own bloody future.

Gerald’s Game

recommend Stephen King

Ever wondered what would happen if your partner died while you are handcuffed to a bed alone in a cabin in the woods? Thanks to King you get to find out! Gerald’s game is love gone wrong, how long can you survive stuck to a bed post? A movie of Gerald’s Game is now on Netflix and it is pretty well done!

Dream Catcher

Recommends Stephen King

I simply love Dreamcatcher for having the best monster name ever ‘shit weasels.’ Yes these are parasites that bury through your bits and yes it is as terrifying as you can imagine.

What are your favourite Stephen King novels? Do you have a favourite movie adaption?

2 thoughts on “Lilistar Recommends: Stephen King

  1. Melanie (TBR and Beyond) says:

    Great list. I read Misery and Geralds Game years and years ago and enjoyed them. I am not a HUGE King fan (at least books wise) but I did always enjoy Pet Sematary. My only issue with King is he goes too detailed for me – too many flashbacks lol

    I do love a lot of his adaptions. I loved both versions of It and even though I’m nervous, because I loved the original, I do really want to try the new Pet Sematary. I’ll def be in the theaters for the second It movie though!


    • Lili Star Reads says:

      Thanks! I loved Misery and there is a lot of detail with him but it’s worth it most of the time.

      I loved the original It and really enjoyed the new one. I want to try Pet Sematary even though it seems so different!


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