Fantasy Series I Need to Finish!!

We’ve all been there we start a series, fall in love with the characters then after book 1 we get distracted by shiny new books. Oops. I am not a monogamous reader, I never read two books of the series in a row or even in the same year.

I put myself on a book buying ban in 2019 and I’ve actually stuck to it! Through this I’ve realised how many series I own and need to get to. I’ve picked 5 that I just need to get back into and continue:

  1. His Fair Assassins – Robin LaFever
fantasy series I need to finish

I loved the first two books in this series! I was obsessed with these badass women and their lives. It isn’t just about them being assassins but their past and what brought them to the monastery. I only have one book left in this series and I hope I love it as much as the first two.

2. The Demon Cycle – Peter V Brett

O man these are some thicc books. I’ve read the first 3 of 5 and the series is actually complete now! I started this before my bf and he’s been finished nearly a year now, lording over me that he knows what happens. This is an intense demon fighting fantasy with such character development, try it it’s awesome!

3. The Stormlight Archives – Brandon Sanderson

Series I need to finish

Brandon Sanderson is the king of thick tomes. The books in The Stormlight Archives that they are all split into 2 seperate books! I’ve finished Words of Radiance book 1 so I have 1.5 huge books to read to be up to date. This series is set to be 10 books long! 10! I still prefer Mistborn so I will see how the next book goes for me.

4. The Gentleman Bastard Sequence – Scott Lynch

Fantasy Series I need to Finish

I listened to the first 2 books in this series and loved it. The narrator is fantastic and has the snark down to a T. We got news of the fourth book coming out and oh man I’m excited! This is an amazing heist series centred around an awesome cast of characters.

5. The Lightbringer Series – Brent Weeks

Aww man this series! I just finished book 3 and I need to read Blood Mirror. The magic system is so cool, it is based on colours and each one has different magical and emotional properties. It’s huge but damn it’s worth it! This is another were I need to keep reading as my bf is only 1 book behind me and I can’t let him overtake me!

I hope I can get all the books finished this year! I have hope and motivations that’s all I need right? Right? *Looks at gigantic book stack and cries*

What fantasy worlds do you need to get back into?

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Series I Need to Finish!!

  1. phanniebeingginger says:

    These series all sound interesting and I’m sure that some of these are already on my TBR but I didn’t have the courage to start them because I know myself. I will never finish them. I already have so many series to finish. Some of them are the Farseer Trilogy, Throne of Glass, Caraval, The Reckoners, the rest of the Shadowhunter books,… I have so many books to read ^^’. I guess a bookbuying ban is something I need as well.


  2. Makayla @ says:

    I’m going to need to add these to my TBR! I feel like I need to get into Throne of Glass and the Grishaverse. I’ve just finished ToG last month, though it was slow to get into, and I’ve struggled getting into Grisha, but I feel like I NEED to read to know the hype, lol!


  3. proudbookreviews says:

    Good luck! I’ve got a series (really it’s a world with a few different series in them) where I’m like 8 books behind out of like 40+ books…. They are my goal this year! I got a finish them before I fall further behind!


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