Library Haul #2

I’ve been gone for a week dealing with a wee bout of anxiety and have been in a book slump. I visited the library this week to see if I can get back into the swing of books by trying different genres!

I am usually a fantasy reader but lately, I just haven’t been able to stay focused on a fantasy world. I got everything from middle grade to adult and from horror to non-fiction to see how it goes!

NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

I’ve been working up the courage to read NOS4A2 for so long for two reasons. It’s huge and it’s a horror. I’m the kind of girl who has the light on at night after watching a slightly scary kids movie so we will see how it goes!

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Library Haul

I seen this book around a lot in the past couple of months so when I saw the library had it, I had to pick it up! It sounds so interesting and not your average mystery. The main character inhabits each person’s body to find out what happened to Evelyn.

Twice Magic – Cressida Cowell

library haul

I thought the Wizard of Once was such a fun quirky middle grade! I’m hoping Twice Magic gives me the same feeling of magic and whimsy.

Sapiens – Yuval N Harari

Library Haul

This book is gigantic! It’s a non-fiction about the history of humans from the beginning right up to now. I’ve read a few chapters and the writing is interesting but also full of humour.

Ketchup Clouds – Annabel Pitcher

Library Haul

I saw this in someone’s blog it sounded so intriguing. It’s about a girl who has a secret so she starts sending letters to someone on death row about it. I’ve read the first chapter it feels full of dark humour.

Notes on a Nervous Planet – Matt Haig

Library Haul

I picked Notes on a Nervous Planet up because I loved his writing in A Boy Called Christmas and was looking for an easy read about anxiety. I’ve finished it already and found it so helpful with tips on how to live in a busy world. It was good to see Matt’s personal experiences as it shows your not alone in your anxiety.

Side note: It’s the 21st January and I still haven’t bought or requested a single book! It’s a New Year’s miracle!

Have you picked up anything good from the library lately?

25 thoughts on “Library Haul #2

  1. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    yessssss 7 Deaths and Ketchup Clouds are so good! I love Matt Haig so I’m looking forward to Notes on a Nervous Planet (but according to my library it won’t be released until Jan 29 πŸ˜•), and I’ve also been meaning to read NOS4A2.

    the last time I was physically at the library was a five minute drop-in to renew my library card, but I’ve been checking out ebooks like crazy! I just got The Heartbreakers, 96 Words for Love, and The Field Guide to the North American Teenager πŸ“š


    • Lili Star Reads says:

      I can’t wait to start 7 Deaths, I just finished Ketchup Clouds and it was just so strange!
      Notes on a Nervous Planet is so good, I definitely recommend picking it up when your library has it!
      It’s so great that lilbraries now have ebooks as well so they get more interest. I hope the books are great for you!

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  2. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) says:

    Oh no, sorry to hear about your reading slump! They’re no fun to be into – you never know how long they last or if you’ll ever get out of it. I hope your newest books will help you get out of that slump! I’m particularly interested in The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, so I’ll look out for that review for sure!


  3. Nicoline Simone says:

    I love that you support the library so much! πŸ˜€ I haven’t been good at it, but lately, I have discovered that my library actually has a lot of books that I am interested in. So now before buying the book, I want to read I check If my library has it. Recently I picked up Winter Song and The Nowhere Girls there. I really hope to keep doing this and not go back to my old habit of just buying the books. πŸ˜‰

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  4. anathadad says:

    OMG!! I just added ‘Sapiens’ to my goodreads TBR yesterday. Can’t wait to read it!

    I struggle with anxiety and OCD as well, strangely, I never thought of reading about it, even though I mostly read NF…adding Notes on A Nervous Planet to my TBR right now.

    I like that you are getting books from the library! I never thought about specifically posting of which books I get from the library but they could always use some publicity.

    Thanks for posting!!


    • Lili Star Reads says:

      I love the way it’s written broken into smaller chapters and the language is so funny at times.

      I’m trying to get into more NF but having a time of it trying to find my type. I would highly recommend Noted on A Nervous Planet!

      The library always needs publicity and it’s mainly where I get my books to read from!

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  5. Kristina says:

    I really need to go back and get library books more often..
    Hm, Maybe id go for “notes on a nervous planet” too! I have “reasons to stay alive” on my shelves waiting for me ! Though I think the latter is more concerning depression rather than anxiety? im not sure anymore XD


  6. Jennifer Pletcher says:

    I have read NOS4A2, and it was a great book. It was my initial introduction to Joe Hill as a writer, and this encouraged me to read many more of his books. It is creepy and disturbing, but a good read.


  7. Olivia-Savannah says:

    Love this library haul! As I just commented on your Goodreads I have read and really enjoyed Ketchup Clouds a couple of years ago! I have heard such good things about the Joe Hill book and also The Seven and a half deaths of Evelyn Hugo! I can’t wait to read those. Notes on a Nervous Planet is on my kindle and I should totally read that soon DD:


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