WinterBibib Blog Challenge 1 – The Snowstorm

I am so ready for WinterBibib this week from 12-18th of January. It’s the middle of the first month of the year, just finished my first week back in work. It’s the perfect time to binge read everything!

That being said I’m horrible at TBRs so I’ll just have a wrap up at the end of the WinterBibib. I am however going to be taking part in the blog Challenges daily hopefully!

Day 1’s WinterBibib challenge is provided by Truffles Literacy Wonders (who I have the biggest blogger banner envy of), let’s get into it!:

The scenario: Name 3 book characters, 2 types of food/drink and 1 song you’d want to have to survive being in a car with, in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm.


Picture this, I’m in a snowstorm it’s cold there are 3 strange characters in my car, are they real or am I imagining them due to the hyperthermia? Who knows?

I’m listening to Hey Look Ma I Made it on repeat on the stereo, sadly even Brendan Urie loses his charm after 3 hours in the cold wondering if this is the end. I’ve eaten my last Malteser truffle and drank the last of my caramel mocha an hour ago.

I turn to my right and see Willy Wonka , I’m exalted I know he’s good for an everlasting gobstobber or two. I will survive this madness!

I look over my left shoulder and I see a girl tying up her hair. It’s Violet Baudelaire, she looks like she’s coming up with an idea that will get us out of this mess.

I look over my right shoulder and freeze. The frenzied look on his face reminds me of a book I once read and the axe he’s holding gives me some cause for concern. He raises his axe and suddenly I remember. It’s Jack from the Shining, we are all doomed!

Are you taking part in the WinterBibib?

What characters would you want to be stuck with if you were in a snowstorm?

6 thoughts on “WinterBibib Blog Challenge 1 – The Snowstorm

  1. Clo @ Book Dragons says:

    Oof this made me chuckle, but yes after 3hrs I’d be sick of hearing Hey Look Ma I Made It too xD best of luck with the WinterBIBIB I did it last year but I’m skipping this year, I may do the summer one we’ll see πŸ™‚


  2. Jessica at Booked J says:

    Oh my God, this entire post/challenge made me giggle. Plus, I’d be sick of even Brendon Urie, too, and he’s a favourite! (And now I’ve got that song stuck in my head which is unsurprising and on brand for me.)


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