The Television Tag

It’s finally Friday, that means I successfully dragged myself through my first week back to work after the amazing break. I’m hoping to spend the weekend just binging some TV and books!

I was tagged for the Television Tag by Fictionally Sam which is perfect because I’m binging Netflix while writing this!

Lets get into it:

Favourite shows?

There are so many different shows that I love! Once Upon a Time, Ru Pauls Drag Race and You are the top at the minute.

Favourite genre?

I change my favourite genre all the time, I love comedy after work or watching a documentary about animals when I want to relax. The Attenborough voice over is the ultimate relaxing tool. O I’m also a sucker for crime documentaries!

Least favourite show?

Probably any political drama, I just can’t.

Most re-watched show/favourite show to binge?

I loved binging The Crazy Ex-girlfriend, I just found it so funny and it tackles a lot of topics in the third and fourth series like how to deal with your own mental health. The songs are also hecka catchy.

Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

I am definitely a binge watcher! I’m all or nothing with TV. I can go weeks to months without watching anything. The next weekend I’ll watch TV until my eyes threaten to jump out of my sockets to save themselves.

Favourite television characters?

Once Upon a Time’s Hook is just dreams. His character arc is amazing and also obviously, damn he pretty! I’m also a sucker for the hormone monsters in Big Mouth.

Favourite television ships?

I am all for Hook and Emma from Once Upon a Time, one of my favourite ships of all time. I will always love Nick and Jess from New Girl it is just so cute and fun and they support each other when shis gets real.

Show you could never get into?

Any political drama, I just can’t get into them they are just so boring to me. I watched an episode of Designated Survivor with my boyfriend and just fell asleep, I just cant.

Show you fell out of love with?

Big Bang Theory, I loved the first 6 seasons and found it hilarious but it’s definitely went on too long for me. I am also horrible at committing to big series in books and TV, I can never finish a series.

Cancelled too soon?

It took me ages to remember the name of the series but Hellcats! I lived for that show and it was cancelled after one series, I was so heartbroken when it happened. It was about competitive cheerleader in college and I thought it was the best thing ever!

Guilty pleasure show?

Every summer I watch Love Island with my friend. It is a hell of a guilty pleasure, it’s so cringy but I love it. I am a sucker for dating shows in general, they are completely binge-worthy.

What are you currently watching?

While writing this post I have binged 4 episodes of Comedians of the world. Is it sad to watch comedy in your room alone? Who knows but I’m loving it! I’m also currently watching:

  • YOU
  • Tidying up with Marie Kondo
  • the Fix
  • Sex and Love Around the World
  • Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

That’s right this girl’s eclectic as heck! I have random periods of fixation on different topics as you can see by the list.


11 thoughts on “The Television Tag

  1. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    omg that Killian Jones picture made my day, thank you so much. I’m nowhere near caught up with OUAT, but who could resist that smirk? *fans self*

    I struggled through about an episode and a half of designated survivor before giving up, so I definitely feel you on that one! and I’ve heard a lot about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo recently (especially with all the controversy over getting rid of books … but let’s not get into it 👀) but haven’t seen it yet haha.


    • Lili Star Reads says:

      *Puts on an electric fan, paper isn’t cutting it* Killian Jones smirk kills me every time. Everytime I read a book with a rogue with a soft heart I just picture him!
      It’s actually the most relaxing show ever! She is such a calming person.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristina says:

    ohhh I love crime documentaries too !! (hopefully im thinking the same as what it really is.. ahaha)

    What a shame ! Hellcats looks like something I wouldve had enjoyed aswell ! Also sex and love around the world is having my interrest..
    I have been watching Paranormal survivors and im in the last episodes as there’s only two seasons- aaaaarh !!


  3. lovemonicarose says:

    I second the whole political dramas thing! Tried watching House of Cards cause everybody was hyping it, I just… boring hahaha you’re right, it’s annoyingly boring, even if they add all these dramas and plot twists 😂 OUAT is a guilty pleasure of mine! Who doesn’t love Hook?


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