Best Graphic Novels 2018

2018 will go down as the year I discovered my love of graphic novels. I have read a couple before 2018, but I truly fell in love this year. Graphic novels just have the ability to draw you into a world or a story until the very end. Every graphic novel has a different art style and writing style and that’s what is so amazing about them. That being said, these are my favourite graphic novels of 2018:


Moonstruck is such a fun story, the art work is cute and the characters are hilarious. It features LGBT+ werewolves, a centaur that will capture your heart and a fun mystery. I am so happy that volume 2 is coming out in February! So close

I Hate Fairyland

I Hate Fairyland is the graphic novel series that had me lost in the comic world this year. Written by Scottie Young it is a hilarious take on a girl who gets stuck in her dream world and starts murdering everything. The fun bright artwork is a great contrast to all the killing that goes on. The series finished this year and I’m broken hearted!

Giant Days

Giant Days has possibly the most normal plot out of the graphic novels I’ve read. It follows the journey of 3 friends through University as they discover who they are, support each other, find and lose love. Reading Giant Days always leaves me with a sense of comfort and a smile on my face.

Quiet Girl in a Noisy World

Debbie Tung has this fantastic ability to make me relate to every comic in Quiet Girl in a Noisy World. As an introvert who finds the outside world difficult sometimes I found so many similarities between the comics and my life. It is perfect for any introvert to read and know you are not alone. I also had the privilege to read Book Love that is out in January 2019 and it is perfect, anyone who loves books will be laughing and saying me too to every comic.

Skin and Earth

Skin and Earth is one of the most unique graphic novels I have seen. The author is Lights a musician who I love the music of and she wrote an album dedicated to Skin and Earth. Each track goes with a part of the graphic novel and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had reading. The art style is amazing, story interesting and the songs completely absorb you into the character’s world.

Did you read any amazing graphic novels this year? Is there any you would recommend?

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