The Enchanted Sonata is the perfect book to wrap yourself in a blanket and read the day away, I was blown away by just how much I loved this book!

Title: The Enchanted Sonata
Author : Heather Dixon Wallwork
Genre: Fantasy/ Retelling
Age of Protagonist : Teenage
Rating: 4.5/5


Clara Stahlbaum has her future perfectly planned: marry the handsome pianist, Johann Kahler (ah!), and settle down to a life full of music. But all that changes on Christmas Eve, when Clara receives a mysterious and magical nutcracker.

Whisked away to his world–an enchanted empire of beautiful palaces, fickle fairies, enormous rats, and a prince–Clara must face a magician who uses music as spells…and the future she thought she wanted.

“The Enchanted Sonata,” a retelling of The Nutcracker Ballet with a dash of The Pied Piper, will captivate readers of all ages.


The Enchanted Sonata completely took me by surprise, I was expecting a good retelling of the Nutcracker but I got so much more! From the first page the book had me enchanted, funny but true. There is simply something so magical about The Enchanted Sonata.

Clara is very likeable, she starts with a small dream to marry a famous pianist and becomes so much more. Clara is relatable and I always wanted everything to work out for her.

The descriptions of the land were so magical, I wish I could have dived into the book. The concept of music being magic was amazing and you can feel Wallwork’s love for music shining through the plot.

There was a great exploration into grief and how grief can affect each person completely differently. The three main characters have each suffered from grief but it has shaped their personality in different ways.

The villain in the Enchanted Sonata is one of the most fleshed out villains I have read. The reader learns their whole backstory and it makes sense why they have acted this way. Full chapters are dedicated to the villain in the present as well. There is also the inclusion of rats and they are terrifying, anything with rats gives me the creeps.

The romance element in the Enchanted Sonata is a slow burn and the romance between the two characters is sweet. They are well matched and help each other improve everyday.

I would highly recommend the Enchanted Sonata as it is the perfect Winter read.


  • Learn to play music it may just save your life
  • If I got turned into a toy I would be a book
  • Keep peppermints with you always


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