Tistheseason wrap up with a Christmas Tree

Guys, its a festive miracle! I managed to stick to my TBR for this readathon! I didn’t get distracted by other shiny books! I also enjoyed all my books, all of them, what is this sorcery? Through this I was able to complete all the challengers except the Buddy Read since I didn’t own the book.

Tistheseason was run from the 3rd-9th December and is run by:

  • Crowns and Quills
  • Super Space Chick
  • Btwchapters
  • Chelsea Dollin
  • Bookables

I completed the challenges with the following books:

  1. Short Book Under 250 Pages

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favourite traditional Christmas read, I read it twice during the readathon and will read it again. Dr Seuss just has the ability to make important life lessons fun through the art of rhyme. Rating: 5/5



2. Book With Red on the Cover

Red Ribbon is a historical fiction set in a seamstress shop in Auschwitz. I completely fell in love with the characters and I now know that clothes are way more important than I thought. You can read my full thoughts here Rating: 5/5



3.Holiday Themed Book

A Boy Called Christmas was the sweetest book, it is about a child who becomes Father Christmas. It was the perfect book to read with hot chocolate under a blanket. This book will make you feel every emotion and I loved the hints of Santa essentials like the red hat. Rating: 4/5



4. Read A Warm And Fuzzy Book

 I continued on my Matt Haig, with The Girl Who Saved Christmas. Set in Victorian England it involves our ability to hope and how its a form of magic. I loved the elves story in this as I loved Noosh in A Boy Called Christmas and the trolls are hilarious. Raring:4/5



5. Read a Book While Listening to Holiday Music

I blasted through Vol 4 of Giant Days in one sitting and was reminded of how much I love this series. I listened to pop punk Christmas songs during which I feel Esther would approve of. This is the perfect graphic novel series if you love female friendships through university. Rating: 5/5


Did you take part in Tistheseasonathon? What books did you read?


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