If we're not married by thirty review

I was in one of my very rare moods were I wanted to pick up a comtemporary romance so I dived into If we’re not married by thirty.

Title: If We’re Not Married By Thirty
Author : Anna Bell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age of Protagonist : Adult
Rating:  3/5


Lydia’s not exactly #LivingHerBestLife. She never imagined she’d be here at thirty – newly single, a job that’s going nowhere and her friends all winning at life when she’s still barely taking part. So she jumps at the chance of a free holiday and jets off to sunny Spain.

Then, out of the blue, she bumps into her childhood friend, the handsome and charming Danny Whittaker. She’s always had a crush on him and they soon enter into a passionate holiday romance.

But this relationship could be more than just a fling. Years ago they made a pact that if they were still single when they turned thirty they would get married. But noone really follows through on these pacts . . . right?

Could Lydia’s back-up man really be her happy ever after?


If we’re not married by thirty reads like a British rom-com film and I loved that charm about it. I feel if it was an early 2000s movie Hugh Grant would be Danny and Renee Zellweger would have played Lydia as it has that vibe.

Lydia is a likeable character with a good job who is simply a bit lost in life, not quite sure what she wants. When she meets up again with Danny sparks fly and she is wrapped up in his world, maybe a little too much.

My one problem with Lydia and Danny is it seems all they do is have sex and they don’t have that much in common. The redeeming factor however is that everyone in their lives tell them they are moving too fast and there are consequences of moving so quickly in to their relationship.

There are so many funny moments in this book and I found myself laughing out loud in the middle of cafes any time Hazel, Danny’s mum was in a scene. I would 100% read a book just about the two mothers in the book. The family dynamics were lovely and you could see just how much Lydia cares for her mum, sister and niece.

I would recommend If We’re Not Married By Thirty for readers who enjoy fluffy romances especially as it is set in the beginning at Christmas time.

*ARC received from Zaffre via Netgalley, all opinions voiced are my own*


  • Always lock your door when funny business ensues
  • Mums know a lot more than they let on


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