Epic Tome Topple Wrap Up

I was finally able to take part in Tome Topple guys! Tome Topple is a readathon in which you only read your gigantic over 500 pages books, perfect for any fantasy lover!

It was hosted on 16th-29th of November by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and the following co-hosts:

  • Adriana – Perpetual Pages
  • Sarah-Jane – The Book Life
  • Sian – Readers Rambles
  • Caz – Little Book Owl
  • Sam – Will Read For Booze

How did I do?

Did I read my TBR books? Nope   `                                                                          

Did I manage through some dark sorcery to read five books? You bet your sweet spell book I did!

Did I complete all the challenges? Also Yes!

  1. Thunderhead – Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead counts for the challenge read a Tome in a series!

Thunderhead the sequel to Scythe was amazing, it made me laugh, made me happy and then destroyed my soul beyond repair. I still have the Thunderhead’s insights into humanity in my head! Rating: 5/5


    2. Dark Days Club – Alison Goodman


Dark Days Club counted for the challenge read an Adult Tome.

I loved the Dark Days club, it is part historical fiction and manners and part demon hunting. I loved the romance element of the book as even calling someone by their name is scandalous. Rating: 4/5



  3. One Piece Vol 4 – Eiichiro Oda

One Piece Vol 4 counted for the read a graphic novel/ manga over 500 pages challenge.

I’m so glad I continued on with One Piece, everything about this series is fun. The villians are hilarious and Luffy will always have my heart. It reminded me how much I love reading graphic novels and manga. Rating: 4/5



4 + 5. Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph – Robin La Fevers

Grave Mercy counted for the final challenger, buddy read a Tome. I read Dark Triumph straight after because I needed it so bad! 

This series, just this series! I picked Grave Mercy up on a whim and I am now obsessed with His Fair Assassin series. It is the perfect mix of badass assassins and romance that made me feel every emotion. Rating: 5/5

Total Pages read: 2629

Did you take part in Tome Topple? What did you read?

3 thoughts on “Epic Tome Topple Wrap Up

  1. Megan Born says:

    Fun!! I’ve never participated in it before. Maybe next time 🙂

    I just picked up Scythe and Thunderhead yesterday at BAM in the bargain section. And Grave Mercy is on my TBR. I need to read them!


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